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Live Life Hands-Free!

Hat Hands is the best way to record a show, capture your send, or chat with a friend all while being hands-free!  Use it for recording your next Vlog, viral video or FPV and upgrade the immersive possibilities of your production.

It will hold a phone vertically or horizontally to allow you to stream or take photos without the hassle of having to hold your phone while doing your favorite activities.  

This photo is of the current product.
This photo is of the current product.

Use it at a show and snag photos and videos without obstructing your view or having to hold your phone up!

This photo is of the conceptual product and do not represent the item you will receive.
This photo is of the conceptual product and does not represent the item you will receive.

Use it for recording a ride and enjoy smooth stable video thanks to auto stabilization of the human head.

Chat with a friend and let them see what you see over live video chat.

Light the path of your campsite with your phone’s flashlight while keeping your hands free for carrying gear.

The possibilities are endless! 

Hi, My name is Tim, and my business partners’ name is Shenandoah. We have been working together on this project for more than a year, from across the United States. She in California and myself in Colorado.

We started our invention when she needed help starting a motor-powered bicycle. She was holding her phone in her hand, video chatting with me, and would put the phone down to do something on the motor. I couldn’t see what she was doing to the engine while the phone was down and we thought, “There should be a better way..”

From this, Hat Hands was born!

Since then, we have worked together giving each other goals to accomplish and dates to meet. We are quite close to getting our Hat Hands on the market. Funding is needed to complete the manufacturing process. We are too small to order a quantity by any manufacturer capable of doing we need and cannot afford the machinery to make all of it ourselves. Currently, parts are made in another country, then hand sewn and assembled in the USA.

Please help us achieve our dream of bringing Hat Hands to the world.


Tim and Shenandoah.

As with any invention, this took lots of time and development.

The first design came from an old Rockies hat that Tim had. Later, that was improved upon and by using a new type of hand that the hands were made of better material and were put through in one piece.  Our original name is still seen upon the first concepts.

These are some of the first concepts

Other designs and styles were tried, (who wants a visor!?) until we decided upon a more traditional ball cap style. (bottom left)

These are concept designs and do not represent the product you will receive.

From this, the current version was born! Here you can see Shenandoah working on putting hats together.

Now we have refined our design and are ready for production!

Phase 1 (January – March)

  • Design product
  • Find manufacturer to produce our hat
  • Find manufacturer to produce hands for the hat
  • Create a prototype
  • Manufacturers found

Phase 2 (April- July)

  • Samples ordered
  • Samples received and Begin Testing
  • Initial testing complete
  • Modifications made and changes drawn up
  • Attended first trade show to feel out interest

Phase 3 (August  September)

  • Advertising Campaign designed
  • Components sourced from local sources so as to reduce shipping costs and carbon footprint
  • Marketing prep for Kickstarter begins
  • Advertising for campaign finalized

Phase 4 (October – November)

  • Kicstarter Begins
  • Component ordering and shipping coordination begins
  • Kickstarter concludes
  • Components ordered and arrive at the manufacturer
  • Production begins

Phase 5 (December – January)

  • First sample approved
  • Production completes
  • First run orders ship out
  • Finished Product is shipped and received in Denver warehouse
  • Order compilation begins

Phase 6  (February – March)

  • First orders ship out – Merchant and Retailer
  • Product website finished and order from online store fully available
  • First edition orders ship out
  • Shipping for Kickstarter concludes

Risks and challenges

Hat hands was designed to hold a phone, even with quite a bit of movement. It will hold your phone securely in place, but there is a risk of it falling out. Always use a case or protection to protect your phone in case of a fall or malfunction. Do not look over cliffs or high ledges while wearing with a device inserted. Crazy ex’s LLC will not be held liable for any broken devices, screens or other costs and or damages incurred during the use of our product.

We have tested thoroughly with climbing, biking, hiking, and skating and still have yet to lose a phone.Learn about accountability on KickstarterQuestions about this project? Check out the FAQ